The Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) was established in 1989 in Atlanta (Georgia) by Shuji Tamura, the successor of late master Iwao Saito (Kurenai-kai, JP) and his wife Masa Tamura as a non-profit organisation, wishing for Nuido, the fusion between spirituality (Do) and embroidery (Nui). The purpose and goal of Master Tamura and his family was to share the sixteen hundred years of tradition of the Japanese embroidery with people of many different countries. Today 30 years after Japanese embroidery and its precious techniques are taught worldwide.
“Nuido™ has three aspects: the acquisition of technical skills and knowledge (rationality), the development of artistic sensitivity and awareness (sensitivity), and understanding the spiritual aspects of shishu (spirituality), resulting in a state of peace, calm, and Harmony” (JEC)


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