Why and how did the idea of a Japanese Embroidery Academy come about?
I have always been embroidering since my early childhood! However, the great passion blossomed around the age of twenty, and since then, it has always been a life companion.
I’ve learned many different techniques, and I’ve had a real love affair with traditional Japanese embroidery.
I’ve always wondered why I had this almost unconditional love. I have often articulated complex answers.
When in the end, the answer is straightforward: for its poetic, serene, and luminous beauty.
Time and practice deepened the reasons for this passion, nourished by years of patient work at the loom.
Today the hours, weeks, and months spent with the needle and silk thread represent a journey, during which the fluid flow of the embroidery’s agile movements accompany happy and unhappy days.
And the final result, the finished object, seems almost irrelevant!
The JEA wants to offer to all, passionate or curious, beginners or experienced, a niche to share this unique journey. Learning techniques, aesthetics, art, and culture merge into one’s inner nourishment.

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