In Japan, high-quality craftsmanship is combined with refined aesthetics. It produces tools of rare beauty and extreme precision.
The tools required to achieve a harmonious embroidery are no exception.
The frame makes it possible to stretch the fabric in a straight thread and create perfect tension on both the warp and the weft.
The needles were once made exclusively by hand. Now they are machine-made and merely finished by hand, we call them hybrid needles. The Japanese needle eye is designed so that the thread passes through the fabric without  affecting the silk’s quality. The tekobari (stroking needle) is a hand-made steel tool which is used in different ways to accompany the silk thread while stitching. It is essential to touch the silk as little as possible so as not to damage it. The koma are special wooden bobbins used to execute embroidery techniques with gold or silver threads starting from Nr4 size. The koma  are manufactured in a variety of woods, from standard essence to the most precious. The triangles set, the awl (stiletto), the velvet cushion and the finishing paper  complete the tools equipment.


Japanese silk reels are extremely shiny and brilliant and consist of twelve flat silk filaments. The embroidery is made with flat or twisted silk threads. The thread is twisted by the embroiderer. The thread count varies depending on the technique and is also prepared by the embroider







If you wish to buy Tools & Material for Japanese Embroidery you can purchase either directly from the Nuido Store or you can contact me if you wish to buy material already imported in Europe




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