I started my training in Japanese Bead Embroidery under the guidance of Chellie Monier, JEC certified teacher. I was able to follow some masterclasses with Reiko Matsukawa san from the Kurenai-kai workshop, under whose guidance I obtained Phase V certification.
I am now a certified teacher as well and I very much enjoy teaching this complementary Japanese embroidery technique.
The curriculum consists in 4 levels plus a fifth and final certification phase.

Here you can find an historical presentation (text from Japanese Embroidery Center website)
“Japanese Bead Embroidery is the integration of beads into Japanese embroidery design and techniques. Japanese beadwork traces its origins to the Meiji period in Japan (1868-1912). The influence of Western taste and fashion on Meiji society brought about the application of Japanese beadwork to traditional Western accoutrements, producing such highly popular accessories as the beaded handbag. The 20th century witnessed a global embracing of the craft, with top Western fashion houses selling the finest silk, lace, velvet and rich brocades enhanced by Japanese bead workers. The exportation of the traditions of Kurenai-Kai  to America in the last two decades by Reiko Matsukawa of Japan has brought the finest in bead embroidery instruction to the JEC in Atlanta”.


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